Currently we are looking at various different subscriptions, but we will also have ‘one-off’ boxes available, where you can come to the farm and pick your own, or just select one box as a trial.

Veg Boxes
The Sojali Farm Veg Box is filled with seasonal, Organic produce, all grown locally and harvested at their peak of flavour.

As it is our first year, we are hoping for 18 boxes this season. That is 18 harvests between the end of June, until the end of October.

£150:- for 18 weeks of Harvest, with the first pick up in Week 26 (more details closer to the date)


If we do get a bumper harvest, our gates are opened too every Member of our CSA, and they can come and help themselves to as many produce as they can fit into a box (per member). The same applies for a bumper of any of our produce and you will be informed via a Newsletter, or a slip in your box.

There will also be certain times of the year where we will offer a special box, such as Christmas time, Midsummer (cut flowers) and Halloween. At these times your boxes may include some extra produce too.

Harvest Season can start as early as June or July, but we will update all Subscribers and followers as soon as possible. Here in Sweden, the season usually runs for roughly 18 weeks, but we might be able to extend that with the use of a poly tunnel.


One Box: is roughly enough for a couple that eats a lot of vegetables, or a family that eats vegetables regularly. We will sometimes have extra crops, so please let us know if you are happy to be given a few extra varieties.

At the moment, we plan to grow Brassicas, carrots, tomatoes and peppers/chilis, as well as all variety of salad items. Onions, beetroot, radish and squash. Pumpkins might be available the first year. Herbs will also be available.