Packed with concentrated nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes – living foods are among the healthiest foods on the planet. Microgreens, sprouts, and grasses are simply young seeds and legumes that are utilized at their most nutritious and delicious state.

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Easy to Use

Implement living foods into your current diet to increase the nutrient content of your meals and improve overall health. Use in salads, sandwiches, and wraps. Add to cooked meals once removed from heat such as stir-frys and soups. Or simply enjoy as a snack or a living food salad mix!


Living foods are grown more sustainably compared to conventional agriculture practices. They use less water, need no fertilizer or pesticides, and use less land via vertical farming. Our growing trays are reused and our growing medium is composted. Locally grown food  results in less pollution from transportation and a more sustainable community.

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Locally Grown


Exceptionally Fresh

Living foods are inherently fresh because they are still living. Since our produce is harvested within 24 hours of delivery, you enjoy the benefits of superior quality, enhanced shelf-life, and no more slimy rotten produce. You simply cannot obtain these foods in supermarkets.

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Automatic Delivery

We deliver every week, all year long. Just leave a cooler out and we will drop off your fresh living foods on a weekly basis. Never forget to eat your veggies again. Enhance and sustain your health with living foods!