We have been working closely with Grow Gothenburg, and Goteborg Stad to bring Sojali to life!

We of course have massive dreams and goals, but also some realistic ones to keep our feet on the ground. The hardest challenge we face, is trying to persuade our customers, that they need to pay up front but they have to wait before they see any return. This is difficult for anyone to swallow. But, the end result would definitely be worth it, and “good things come to those who wait” is no truer than right now, when signing up for a Subscription to a CSA.

If I were approached and asked if I wanted to pay for a year (harvest year) of veggies and salad up front, I would be wary of what I would actually get. But trusting your local organic farmer, is the first step towards a beautiful friendship! The farm will always be open to all, and subscribers get the added benefit of helping themselves whenever they visit, and Sojali will always be happy to help you learn more about growing your own and organically producing edibles.

Currently, we are patiently waiting for the Swedish Spring to arrive beyond the snow, frost and minus Celsius temperatures. Once that happens, Goteborg Stad will bring in a tractor to plow and till the land ready for use by Sojali. This is the one and only time a machine will be used on our land, and it will not be used directly by Sojali!

We have over 150 tomato seedlings being grown at our own house, as well as the first few lettuce, cucumbers and peas which we have started to get a head start on the Season. Soon we will be sowing some more seeds, as and when space becomes available in the house, before moving them slowly out too the farm. As it is our first season, there will be a lot of trial and error, as well as learning new things on the way for both the farmer and the customers.

Perhaps one day, we will be a huge success like JM, the Market Gardener! Until then, we can only look up to our idol, while keeping our wellies firmly on the ground, surrounded by what we love the most! Soil, and nature.