Where did you go?

What has happened since June?

Well, the flock is now at 24 chickens, including two, possibly three cockerels, not sure yet until they either start crowing, or laying! We have a new house chicken (Jackie) and a baby chick (Betty/Bert) as well as 6 eggs in the incubator. Thank you Brinsea.

We cancelled the stall for the summer holidays, but we will be back this Saturday, with some fresh new produce! We will also be trading, from our driveway, on a Thursday and Friday for those unable to get too Market on the weekend. As always, our eggs are always available from the house, and soon the jams, curds and chutneys will be back!

We attended a local Pop up Market last Saturday, and we were overwhelmed with the kind words from locals and customers from further afield, plus words of encouragement from all corners.

We are currently live streaming the chicks growth, and from day 18, we will live stream the hatching of the eggs, with a special 5 day, 24hr stream on our channel on Twitch, so why not pop along and see what life is like behind the scenes, at Sojali Farm!


What are you plans?

Moving forward, the plans at the moment for Sojali Farm, is to get firmly established. We are trying to source both a cooler/walk in fridge, as well as gain my Health Certificate. With the ever growing numbers of chickens, we are also considering selling POL chickens as layers, and maybe even week old chicks, but we need to research further into this before taking that step!

We will continue with the Fruit n Veg stall, as well as making our jams, curds and even the breads, but for now, we are moving more towards the chicken side of Farm life.

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