The Chicken came first!

For us at least, this is true. Now that the flock has grown to fourteen, all laying or at point of lay by now, we are easily getting ten plus eggs a day now, so I wanted to move onto the next stage.


None of the girls were broody, so after a lot of research and chatting on various Facebook groups, I took the plunge and purchased a simple incubator. The Brinsea Mini II Eco, from Amazon. It was a lovely starter kit with everything we need, minus the eggs of course, to get started on our journey into the next Chapter of Chicken keeping. I went onto eBay too look up some recommended egg sellers and ordered six blue eggs, that said they were Cream Legbars. I picked this particular breed for our first hatch, because you can sex them from birth. Literally, as soon as their feathers are dry, you can tell instantly if you have a hen or cockerel.

We didn’t mind having a cockerel or two as we have a lovely lady in the area that is more than happy to re-home them for us, but as it was, we only had one hatch. Unfortunately, two of the eggs were not fertile, 2 others did not live, so we were left with just two eggs. We candled them up too day 18, then the incubator went  on “lock down”. We were not allowed to open it from this point, and all we could do was wait… and wait…. and wait… and urgh.. Wait!! The suspense was killing us, until finally, on day 21, we noticed a tiny little crack in one of the eggs!

The egg-scitement in the house was deafening as we watched, with very little sleep, as our first ever chick, hatched out of her egg. It was an amazing experience, and I am so glad that I was able to give my children the opportunity to see it for them selves. The full cycle, chicken, to egg, to chick and now we will watch them grow until they can join our Flock.

Please meet… Damon, and Elena! (Yes, I am a huge Vampire Diaries fan)

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