MRAG – Market

Not wanting to miss any opportunities to have my name known, I embarked on a whimsical choice to have a market with the local group known as MRAG; Market Rasen Action Group, who were organising a Bric-a-Brac market for all to apply and attend.

Within one day, they had been inundated with people wanting stalls, and heading for 26 stalls as well as food trucks! This looked like it would be an amazing day. The last one I attended was good, but I mistakenly took crochet items, this time, I planned on bringing my eggs, microgreens, herbs and plants. It was the right choice.

I took a few jars of lemon curd, and within minutes, literally, of placing them on my table, they had all sold!! It was only two hours later, that I had sold 80 eggs. EIGHTY! All gone! On top of that, I sold all 40 tomato plants, 17 of my 20 marigold plants, and a few pots of herbs. Turns out, people want herb plants and not fresh cut herbs.

Lesson learnt there, but that is why I go to these local markets. To gauge foot fall and what the people want. At the end of the day, we have a wonderful time, and met with other stall holders, probably spent as much as we made because taking three seedlings with me is always dangerous on my pocket! But they love the Market vibe and interacting with people.

I am so lucky to have children that like growing food, trying new foods, and then selling food! They adore the chickens and are down at the coop in all weathers to feed and water then, or sometimes they just go down to talk too the chickens. Our youngest seedling spends hours down there cuddling them and chatting to them, sometimes she even breaks into song for them.

I am blessed, truly!

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