Sojali Farm

We started with four chickens! When we moved back to the UK, Lincolnshire to be precise, I decided a farm was still what I wanted. I had done it in Sweden, so I knew I could do it here. But, what I was not expecting, was a complete lack of help, advice or support from the UK government! Unless I just looked in the wrong places and help is indeed still out there, yet to be found.

Instead, I went at it alone. I started with four chickens all at point of lay, and set about transforming my tiny garden into a vegetable patch. Thankfully, the children were more than happy to muck in as well so I had helpers! I struggled to find any land for rent or even an allotment, so I had to make do.

With a little plastic greenhouse, seed catalogue in front of me and a rough business plan, I began to give birth to Sojali Farm, Market Gardener and Poultry keeper.

It quickly became apparent, that even with a business plan, it would be difficult to get any help financially, but that was okay, as I perused the local markets, cost of stalls and began researching as much as I could. It seemed that my own market place did not even have a vegetable stall, so this might be an idea. As I set about contacting the local council, it became rapidly apparently to me that the community here was super friendly, offered the support I had been seeking as well as some very useful advice and help along the way.

Finally, I am beginning to feel like my luck is changing.

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